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MAKA MOTOR CO.,LTD.   Since 1985.   is a  factory specializing  in  the  field  of micro  motors.   Our  products  include 36,38,54,55,75,77,137 and many more series of permanent magnetic DCmotor.MAKA MOTOR provides   innovative   solutions   in  the  design  and  manufacture  of  advanced motor for electric hand tools,home appliances, automotive accessories, office  equipment  and  electric  model  toy  etc.

 We    cutting - edge technology, a commitment to quality,  and  and  innovative solutions.Backed-up by our engineer- ing   staff and 28 years production experience ,and  state- of - the- art manufacturing controls , technology and  know

 how ,      MAKA MOTOR CO.,LTD.  guarantees   products  of  the   finest  quality.         Currently   we   have  a   production   capacity   of  over  2,500,000  units  per  year.      With  its  outstanding  quality  control  system,  the  factory  has  earned  its qualification  for  the  award  of  ISO9001 : 2008.      The   company   is  committed  to  manufacturing  motors with  the highest standards of quality,  reliability and  service,  Our strength  in R&D  is very strong. Our  design and   manufacturing teams  are  ready  to work  diligently with  you to  support your needs. The  company   has  the  qualification  to  import / export  and   serve customers all over the world. Our quality policy is:     Quality Winner,  Efficient Management,       Customer Satisfied,      Progress with Time.  MAKA  is  located  in  Nanhai,  Guang -dong,  China,       where design,  manufacturing, quality control and testing, marketing  and  customer  service are  located in a  8000 sq.  meter  facility.   We welcome local and overseas customers to contact us .

Xiabai Industrial Area Luocun Nanhai Foshan Guangdong China
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